Top 50 Logistics Companies in India

Top 50 Logistics Companies in India

In a rapidly advancing world, the logistics industry serves as the backbone of economic progress. India, with its vast landscape and dynamic economy, boasts a diverse array of logistics companies that play a pivotal role in connecting businesses and consumers across the nation. This article unveils the top 50 logistics companies in India, showcasing their contributions, innovations, and impact on the country’s growth.

1. DHL Express India

DHL Express is a global leader in logistics, offering express parcel and package services. In India, it is known for its efficient delivery network and seamless international connectivity.

2. Blue Dart

Acquired by DHL, Blue Dart is renowned for its domestic and international courier and express services, catering to a wide range of industries.

3. FedEx India

FedEx provides integrated logistics solutions, specializing in express transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

4. Gati Ltd

Gati is a pioneer in express distribution and supply chain solutions, with a vast network of delivery channels.


DTDC is a leading courier and parcel services provider, offering domestic and international logistics solutions.

6. Mahindra Logistics

A part of the Mahindra Group, this company offers end-to-end supply chain solutions and customized logistics services.

7. Transport Corporation of India (TCI)

TCI is a versatile logistics company, providing freight transportation, warehousing, and supply chain management.

8. Safexpress

Safexpress specializes in supply chain and logistics services, catering to various industries including retail, automotive, and e-commerce.

9. Allcargo Logistics

Allcargo is a global player offering integrated logistics solutions, with expertise in shipping, freight forwarding, and project logistics.

10. Ecom Express

Ecom Express focuses on e-commerce logistics, providing last-mile delivery and innovative solutions to online businesses.

11. Delhivery

Delhivery is a tech-driven logistics company that offers end-to-end solutions, including warehousing, cross-border logistics, and more.

12. Xpressbees

Xpressbees specializes in e-commerce logistics and has rapidly expanded its presence in the Indian market.

13. Agarwal Packers and Movers

Known for its relocation services, Agarwal Packers and Movers has a strong presence in the domestic and international moving industry.

14. Container Corporation of India (CONCOR)

CONCOR is a public sector undertaking that focuses on containerized freight transportation and logistics services.

15. Mahindra World City

Mahindra World City is a sustainable urban development project that integrates industrial, residential, and commercial spaces.

16. Adani Logistics

A part of the Adani Group, Adani Logistics offers end-to-end logistics solutions, including rail transportation and warehousing.

17. Mahindra GES

Mahindra GES (Growth Engine Services) provides customized solutions for logistics, transportation, and distribution.

18. TVS Logistics Services

TVS Logistics offers supply chain and logistics solutions to a diverse range of industries, including automotive, electronics, and retail.

19. Future Supply Chain

Future Supply Chain focuses on modernizing supply chain operations by leveraging technology and innovative solutions.

20. VRL Logistics

VRL Logistics is known for its transportation services and has a strong presence in the road freight industry.

21. First Flight Couriers

First Flight Couriers is a well-established courier company offering domestic and international logistics services.

22. AFL Pvt Ltd

AFL Pvt Ltd specializes in air and surface courier services, catering to a wide range of clients.

23. Kintetsu World Express (India)

Kintetsu World Express is a global logistics company with a significant presence in India, offering air and sea freight solutions.

24. Aegis Logistics

Aegis Logistics focuses on oil, gas, and chemical logistics, providing storage, transportation, and distribution services.

25. Omni Logistics

Omni Logistics offers end-to-end supply chain solutions, including transportation, warehousing, and value-added services.

26. Flyjac Logistics

Flyjac Logistics is a subsidiary of Hitachi Transport System, offering comprehensive logistics solutions across industries.

27. A.P. Moller – Maersk

Maersk is a global shipping and logistics company with a significant presence in India’s maritime trade.

28. Varuna Integrated Logistics

Varuna Integrated Logistics specializes in integrated logistics solutions, including freight forwarding and project cargo.

29. Schenker India Pvt Ltd

A part of DB Schenker, this company offers logistics and supply chain solutions to various industries.

30. Snowman Logistics

Snowman Logistics is a leading player in cold chain logistics, providing temperature-controlled storage and transportation.

31. Agility Logistics Pvt Ltd

Agility Logistics offers supply chain solutions and project logistics services to industries worldwide.

32. TCI Supply Chain Solutions

TCI Supply Chain Solutions focuses on end-to-end supply chain services, including transportation, warehousing, and more.

33. Gati-KWE

Gati-KWE is a joint venture between Gati and Kintetsu World Express, providing integrated logistics solutions.

34. Shree Tirupati Courier Services Pvt Ltd

Shree Tirupati Courier Services specializes in courier and cargo services, serving both domestic and international clients.

35. Sical Logistics Ltd

Sical Logistics is known for its diverse logistics services, including port management, road transportation, and more.

36. Sanket Logistics

Sanket Logistics offers comprehensive logistics solutions, including road transport, warehousing, and container services.

37. Mahindra Intertrade

Mahindra Intertrade focuses on steel and metal recycling, offering sustainable solutions for industrial waste.

38. Express Distribution and Supply Chain Pvt Ltd (EDS)

EDS offers express distribution and supply chain solutions to industries like pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and e-commerce.

39. Aash Logistics

Aash Logistics specializes in transportation and logistics services, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

40. Om Logistics Ltd

Om Logistics provides a range of logistics services, including transportation, warehousing, and project cargo.

41. Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd

Kalpataru Power Transmission focuses on engineering, procurement, and construction projects, including logistics services.

42. Amul

Amul, the dairy cooperative, has established a robust supply chain for its dairy products, contributing to rural development.

43. Continental Carriers Pvt Ltd

Continental Carriers offers integrated logistics solutions, including road transportation, warehousing, and container services.

44. Globe Express Services Pvt Ltd

Globe Express Services specializes in freight forwarding, customs clearance, and logistics solutions.

45. Phoenix Express Pvt Ltd

Phoenix Express focuses on express distribution, offering reliable logistics solutions to clients across industries.

46. Safex Cargo Pvt Ltd

Safex Cargo specializes in cargo transportation and logistics, catering to diverse sectors.

47. Timescan Logistics Pvt Ltd

Timescan Logistics provides a wide range of logistics services, including air and sea freight solutions.

48. Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd

Patel Integrated Logistics offers transportation, warehousing, and distribution services to various industries.

49. Apollo LogiSolutions Ltd

Apollo LogiSolutions focuses on end-to-end logistics solutions, including road transport, warehousing, and distribution.

50. BVC Logistics

BVC Logistics specializes in project logistics, offering customized solutions for complex transportation needs.


The logistics industry in India is a dynamic and crucial component of the country’s economic landscape. These top 50 logistics companies exemplify excellence, innovation, and dedication in providing diverse solutions for the movement of goods and services across the nation. With their expertise and technological advancements, these companies continue to shape the industry’s future and contribute to India’s growth and development on a global scale.

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